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Physical Therapy in Lambertville, MI  

PT Link Physical Therapy is expanding, opening an office in Lambertville, MI, to bring quality physical therapy services to residents of the area. We carefully assess what is going on to cause your pain, and we develop a treatment plan that is unique for you. PT Link Physical therapy can get you back on the path to recovery, letting you lead your healthiest life.

Our team at PT Link Physical Therapy in Lambertville, MI is experienced, and ready to take care of you to help you heal. We hire physical therapists and support staff who are ready to provide the best customer service, and get you the treatment you deserve. The new clinic is located at 3333 W. Sterns Road in Lambertville, MI, and is easily accessible.

PT Link Physical therapy will help you for a wide range of treatment needs. If you have just had surgery, post-surgery rehabilitation will improve your surgical outcome. If you are injured playing sports or from a car accident, we can ease your pain and get you moving comfortably once again. For chronic pain, such as knee pain from arthritis, our physical therapy team will work with you on strengthening exercises to improve function and mobility.

When you go to PT Link physical therapy in Lambertville, MI, it’s important to work with your physical therapist on your goals. You might be scheduled for physical therapy three times a week in the beginning of treatment. This will allow you to build on the progress you make during your first few treatments and increase your ability to heal naturally.

You will be prescribed exercises by your physical therapist that are designed to strengthen your body and improve your mobility. Follow your exercise plan, and this will optimize the work your physical therapist can do to help you get back to the activities you love.

PT Physical Therapy in Lambertville, MI offers you flexibility in scheduling appointments to make it easier to receive treatment. Whether you are dealing with chronic low back pain, neck pain from a car accident, or you have an injury related to sports, we are ready to help.

Get the care you deserve at PT Physical Therapy. With the right physical therapy treatment, you can decrease healing times and get back to a more active lifestyle. When you are hurt and not sure what will help, it’s time to see how physical therapy will give you the treatment you deserve to decrease pain and improve movement.




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