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Physical Therapy Perrysburg, Ohio

Our office is located at 9866 Old US 20 (Fremont Pike) in Rossford, Ohio, in the Crossroad Shopping Center with Target. There are also numerous dining spots surrounding our location strip along Highway 20. Our location provides convenience for those running errands around town or grabbing a bite to eat.

At PT Link Perrysburg, we provide specialized treatment services for our patients. Our experienced physical therapists are trained in the McKenzie method, cupping, SASTM, cold laser therapy, aquatic therapy, Graston technique, TPI golfer program, dry needling, Mulligan concept, PNF, Kinesio taping, active therapeutic motion, occupational health services, and BIG therapy.

We also provide treatment for all parts of the body that may be experiencing discomfort. This includes back pain, sciatica pain, shoulder pain, elbow/wrist/hand pain, hip and knee pain, foot and ankle pain, neck pain, headaches, and overall chronic pain. Some common injuries and health conditions we treat include motor vehicle injuries, sports injuries, work injuries, balance and gait disorders, neurological disorders, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. Our rehabilitation services include pre-surgical rehab, post-surgical rehab, and vestibular rehab.

At our clinic, we take pride in the progress made by our patients. Our physical therapists are compassionate and caring, working hard to help our patients achieve their goals. They are determined not only to alleviate current pain, but to prevent future pain or injury from occurring. We have seen firsthand the incredible progress that is possible with physical therapy, and we are dedicated to helping our patients get there. At PT Link Perrysburg, you can expect the highest quality physical therapy services, finding relief in just a few short sessions.

PT Link’s mission is to help all patients achieve their highest level of physical function. We work hard to provide you with the much-needed pain relief you need, without the effects of harmful drugs. We will also help you get back to your normal physical abilities, so you can get back to doing the activities you love. If you are looking for physical therapy treatments, call our office today to set up a consultation with one of our physical therapists. We will get you started on the path toward a pain-free life!

Our highly-trained team of physical therapists and personal trainers consists of Tom Hallett, PT, DPT, Cret. MDT, CAMT, CKPT, CIDN, CHVLAT, CFMS; Eric Snyder, PT, MSPT, CIDN, LSVT BIG Certified, CHVLAT, TPI Certified; Samuel J. Rakyta II, PT, DPT, CSCS, CIDN, CHVLAT; Chris Lovejoy, PT, DPT, CIDN; Mike Coulter, PT., Cert. MDT., CEES, CIDN.Contact PT Link Physical Therapy today to schedule a consultation and create a plan for improving your physical abilities!


9866 Old US 20, Rossford, OH 43460

P: 419.559.5591 x4