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PT Link Physical Therapy – Sylvania

When you are looking for physical therapy services designed for your specific goals and needs, PT Link Physical Therapy in Sylvania, OH is ready to help. If you are dealing with chronic neck pain, back pain after an injury, headaches, TMJ, or sciatica, PT Link provides treatment options to help you get back to living pain free. For natural pain relief solutions, it’s time to see how PT Link physical therapy can help you.

The first visit to PT Link Physical Therapy in Sylvania, OH, includes an evaluation in order to determine what is going on and how we can help you. During the initial physical therapy evaluation, you will meet with a member of our physical therapy team to talk about your current medical concerns and what you hope to get out of treatment. Whether you just went through joint replacement surgery, or you are recovering from a sports’ injury, or experiencing chronic pain, we are here to get you back to the activities you love pain free. Our services are focused on natural solutions to pain, poor mobility and inflammation, giving your body the tools it needs to recover fully.

Each provider you will see at our Sylvania, OH physical therapy clinic will work with you to give you the inclusive, specific treatment you deserve. We are open in Sylvania, OH, to give you an alternative to assembly-line type physical therapy where you are rushed during treatment. When you want to feel like part of the family, PT Link Physical Therapy is ready to take care of you.

We hire only the best physical therapists and support staff in the area. Ensuring that every person in our clinic is ready to provide treatment that allows you to grow in endurance, strength, and decreases your pain. We utilize a Multi-System Approach, and our patients see a high level of success so schedule an appointment to experience the PT Link difference today.

We work with patients of all ages including children to seniors.  Young athletes injured playing high school sports, to older clients who are dealing with chronic pain, PT Link Physical Therapy offers patient based solutions. We are proud to treat every person we see as an individual, and we work hard to grow our network of happy, healthy clients and are grateful for those patients that refer friends and family to us.

If you are in pain, struggling with an old injury, or you have recently been in a car accident, physical therapy can help you recover. PT Link Physical Therapy in Sylvania, OH, is open, giving you the answer you need when you are trying to find natural ways to heal.

Get back to doing what you love when you work with a physical therapist at PT Link offering you individualized care and treatment. Feel the difference with PT Link Physical Therapy!



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