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Everyone at PT Link Physical Therapy strives to give patients a much better, more inclusive and individualized alternative to traditional cookie cutter Physical Therapy. It is important to us to be involved in the communities we serve, have excellent caring staff and help people in the best way possible to live their lives pain free.

Our physical therapists are highly trained in the most proven successful methods and our focus is to decrease pain, improve strength, stability, endurance, and functionality.  We believe in and use the Multi-System Approach, using our many techniques to successfully treat the multiple interrelated systems of the body.  Through our Multi-System Approach, our patients see much higher success in decreasing their pain with longer lasting results.

We are able to treat patients of all ages. We have very loyal patients that have told us that the treatment they receive from PT Link is one of a kind and that they feel like family.  One of the reasons for our success is the large number of loyal clients that return to us if they have a new injury, condition, or surgery.  We also are so thankful for the huge of number of friends and family referrals we receive from our past patients.

One of our proudest moments so far was when a past patient stopped by to tell us that we changed her life!  As a result of the Physical Therapy she received at PT Link, she cancelled her low back surgery, was able to go back to work, and was training for a marathon.   

Another patient came in for his first PT appointment, having been in a wheelchair for years.  At the end of his PT sessions, he walked out pain-free using no assistive device.

Another patient had been dizzy with the feeling of the room spinning for years due to an inner ear problem.  After 2 sessions of therapy and the right maneuvers, his dizziness was totally gone. We have never seen anyone so grateful!

It is these positive outcomes that give PT Link our mission; to help people in the best way possible to live their lives pain free.

If you are in the Toledo, Sylvania, Perrysburg, Fremont, Oregon or Lambertville areas of NW Ohio or SE Michigan, please contact us today to set up an appointment. Come see the difference that dedication and superior skills can make and become a PT Link success story.