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Amy Konieczny

I am a farm girl, Toledo native who grew up in the bustling metropolis of Genoa. I went to University of Dayton for undergrad and graduated 2011 and University of Toledo for DPT, graduating in 2014.
I originally wanted to become a PT because my great grandpa, Boppie, would every morning walk one mile, do 50 push up and 50 crunches and lived a full, happy, active life until 93 years old. Not only did Boppie have a lot of great wisdom, but I was always impressed at how simple physical exercise could have such an impact on quality and longevity of mental and physical health.
In addition to my professional career, I hold varies other esteemed titles. Chief among them including the following:
2017 Chili Cook Off Winner at the Lydey Oktoberfest
High bowling score of 112
Voted #3 Curmudgeon in the Extended Konieczny Family, hopefully soon to be #2\Chief Organizer of 90’s Throwback or Boy Band Friday Music during PT- dance parties are encouraged.