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Consider a Partnership with PT Link Physical Therapy


At PT Link, we have cultivated relationships with various hospitals in Northwest Ohio. Our physical therapy practices matched with corporate knowledge broadens our business while still providing patient focused rehabilitation. For hospitals interested in learning more about what PT Link can do for you, please contact us. Allow PT Link to assess your hospitals staffing needs, improve productivity, add clinic experts to your staff, and improve your bottom line. Our team of Physical Therapists can offer proactive solutions to problem areas, assess your department and aid your institution capitalize on every aspect of your program.


Injuries in the workplace are common. People suffer from shoulder pain, back and neck pain, wrist pain and various types of injuries due to overuse or overstress in the workplace. At Pt Link, our Physical Therapists are experts at modifying work stations to increase efficiency and prevent or relieve pain. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about workplace ergonomics.

Workforce Solutions Include:

  • Acute and Chronic Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Work Simulation/Work Hardening/Conditioning Programs
  • Custom Designed Transitional Return to Work Programs
  • Ergonomics and Job-Site Analysis
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Post Office/Pre Placement Screens and Pre-Work Screens
  • Corporate Wellness and Industrial Fitness Programs
  • On-site Therapy Services
  • Occupational Health Management Policies & Procedures (Design & Implementation)
  • On or Off Site Rehab
  • Pre and Post Shift Exercise Routines
  • Allow PT Link to improve your work environment and decrease your OSHA recordable injuries.


The services of PT Link can also be found in the offices of medical practitioners. PT Link provides practical solutions to practitioner offices looking to expand their services. By partnering with PT Link, you will receive a “turnkey” solution to offer your patients, while offering physical therapy in the convenience of your office. PT Link will efficiently and effectively manage and staff your office with our expert physical therapists. In addition, we will handle billing and insurance claims and provide exceptional service to your facility and your patients. PT Link is your physical therapy partner.

If you are interested in learning how to partner your office with the services of PT Link, contact us today!