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Atonn Smeltzer

A car accident in late 2016 left me in severe back pain; I couldn’t sit or stand for any extended period, and I couldn’t even pick up or hold my 8-month old baby. PT Link truly saved my life. They eased my pain with a combination of Cold Laser, Dry Needles, Electro-Stim, Cupping, and Thermal therapies. Once I could move easier, Sam completely overhauled my body mechanics. He showed me how to properly support and align my body through a wide range of movements, making sure to …work with me until I was confident in my new way of moving. I quickly and dramatically improved – I found that I could move easier, without pain, and with more confidence. In just over a month of intense work, my pain went from almost unbearable to nearly gone, and now I have the tools to take care of myself for the future. Sam, Renee, and Anna are all incredible people, and they are amazing at what they do. I can’t thank them enough, or recommend them enough!